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Shri Narendra Modi

Shri Narendra Modi

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Shri Arjun Munda

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Govt of India

Smt. Renuka Singh

Smt. Renuka Singh

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Message from CMD

Sh Asit Gopal

National Scheduled Tribes Finance and Development Corporation NSTFDC an apex Organization under the Ministry of Tribal Affairs in 2001 was brought into existence with the sole aim of economic upliftment of...

Success Stories

Born in a family of agricultural family Shri Bosaiah So Mudiyappa use to till land of his rich tribal cousins and lead a life of deprivation and hopelessness .His income peaked at the most of Rs 11000 per annum plus some produce out the of agricultural output he has produced on large field owners of his village as is the practice in the agricultural community. He learnt about the Ganga Kalyan Scheme from a relative who worked with the Govt. He applied for the loan and was selected by the local selection committee . He was granted sanction and soon his field was surveyed for ground water and bore well dug by the company contracted by the state govt. The water was oozing out like Ganga from the pumpset signaling the advent of better times to the family. The beneficiary family started taking 3 crops from his land and was to make an income of Rs. 65000 per annum plus full supply of food grain and vegetable from field . The beneficiary is able to now provide good education to his children and better health care to his old parents and family . The economic status as well living standard of the beneficiary has risen and he is happy and upbeat. He is regular in the repayment of loan .

Women Empowerment through the synergy of LAMPS Large Area Multipurpose Societies State Channelising Agencies SCAs and NSTFDC in the State of WEST BENGAL The convergence of the flagship scheme of NSTFDC AMSYAdivasi Mahila Sasaktikaran Yojna exclusively designed for tribal women with LAMPS Large Area Multipurpose Societiesthrough SCAs in West Bengal has been highly instrumental in enriching lives of thousands of tribal women and their families enabling them to take up livelihood activities. Under AMSY loan is extended at a highly concessional rate of 4 percent per annum to enable tribal women to take up livelihood activities. ? Of all the aspects of empowerment of women economic aspect certainly plays a pivotal role .In the tribal society it is observed that there is relatively less social discrimination owing to gender and tribal women are empowered in their own traditional way. However the intervention through AMSY leading to participation in an economic activity and the contribution by women in the family income promotes capacity building and more importantly creates an identity for them. This positive change is the result of the concerted effort of the two State Channelizing Agencies implementing NSTFDC Schemes in the state of west Bengal viz West Bengal SC ST Development Finance Corporation West Bengal Tribal Development Cooperative Corporation Ltd and involvement of LAMPS working as extended arms of the SCAs. The tribal women beneficiaries are member of these LAMPS. The striking feature here is that the LAMPS stand as guarantors for these tribal women facilitating them to avail financial assistance from NSTFDC. The economic activity undertaken by tribal women are mainly traditional in nature rooted in the tribal way of life like animal husbandry which may include house dairy goatery piggery duckery sheep rearing or activity like Bubai Rope making sal leaf Plates making etc .Thus besides improvement in the living condition the endeavours have instilled in these beneficiaries a sense of confidence. Majority of them now hold Bank Accounts in the Mini Banks established by LAMPS. The pass book carrying their name and photo is a mark of identity and self respect for them .The Scheme has benefited around 42000 number of tribal families.

Gujarat is one of the leading milk producing state in India.The state has matching infrastructure facilities for production and marketing of milk. District Milk Producers Cooperative Unions that collect milk from Primary Milk Producers Cooperative Societies are located at the village level.In the last five years NSTFDC has sanctioned six phases of Dairy scheme with its share of about Rs.10000 lakh. About Rs.7100 lakh to the Gujarat Tribal Development Corporation GTDC for covering over 44000 ST beneficiaries subsisting on BPL income. The scheme has been implemented in different districts Baroda Banaskantha Sabarkantha Panchmahal Bharuch Surat and Tapi where ST concentration is high. The salient features of the Scheme are as under : •Each beneficiary receives two milch animals funded with 50 loan and 50 subsidy . •The beneficiaries were identified by the District Dairy Cooperative Societies and the GTDC . •In each village Milk Procurement Centre examines the fat content in milk and fixes the per litre price of milk. •Payments to the beneficiaries are made three times in a month after deduction of the loan installment. •Cattle feed requirements is generally locally meet . In case of need cattle feed is also procured from outside. •The District Cooperative Societies also extend veterinary medical facilities . Veterinary doctors are available round the clock in case of emergencies.

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